ORSÚ features in Sublime Magazine

ORSÚ features in Sublime MagazineO

Earlier this month we had the pleasure of sharing our story, thoughts on sustainable skincare and plans for the future with Sublime Magazine. In the article there are also examples of the pleasures we feel making the products and that we imagine we transfer to the products themselves, and then to you.

The first 2020 batch of products is going to be made next week (the first week of February) with the Marigold Calendula Oil that has been infused since the beginning of December.

2019 was an intense year in many ways and we hope that many of you found relief by looking after yourselves, also through skincare, setting aside time to pamper. If you did it with ORSÚ, you tried the soothing and anti-septic Marigold Oil, moisturised and massage with Marigold Balm, protected and repaired with Marigold Lip Balm and relaxed with the sensual Bath Balls.

We were incredibly proud and grateful to receive a Good Brand Award from Sublime, who are leaders in introducing people to more moral and sustainable brands. We feel among great company with others who believe that nourishing and protecting the Earth is as important a priority as nourishing and protecting ourselves. That’s why we spent so much time researching to create truly 100% no waste and home compostable packaging. Even distributing to re-sellers with window display regulations hasn’t encouraged us to take the easier route of plastic.

For us, being a good brand to both the planet and our customers is having transparency. That’s why every single ingredient of our natural body care collection can be found on the small packaging – yes, the recipes really are that simple! It’s also why we regularly experiment with our packaging and have revealed the rate of compost on our website here.

As Sublime’s wonderful team put it, ‘there’s more to beauty than keeping up appearances’.

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