Why Marigold is Our Favourite Summer Secret

Why Marigold is Our Favourite Summer Secret

Marigold, otherwise known as Calendula officinalis, is the main ingredient in all of our ORSÚ products, and with good reason! Marigold is naturally both anti-septic and naturally nourishing, making it perfect to keep in your make up bag! Here’s why we especially love marigold and all its properties during summer.

Soothing After Sun

What do we want in a good after sun? After a day spent sun bathing or adventuring on holiday, we want a product that will cool and soothe the skin, enrich it with nourishing properties and form a protective and moisturising layer over our skin to ensure we are replenishing the skin and preventing it from peeling. Our rich Marigold Balm is an incredibly cooling and refreshing after sun – especially when you pop it in the fridge before heading out so it’s extra cool and refreshing for applying when you get back!

Smooth Operator

Since most of us wax and shave more often in summer than any other season, it’s important to have a treat for your skin afterwards. The best post-hair-removal treatments are moisturising but it’s also incredibly important to use something that is gentle on the skin, which is often sore. Our Marigold Oil is fantastic for this use – just a drop or two can replenish the skin. The best bit? Because marigold is naturally anti-bacterial, it helps prevent bumps, shaving spots and keep open pores clean.

Bug off

We’re all familiar with the summer bug bites and their irritating itch! Marigold is an invaluable ingredient to have to hand during the summer months. Not only does Marigold Oil soothe the itch and help prevent the swelling and damage to the skin from scratching, but marigold is also off-putting to insects, so wearing Marigold Oil or Marigold Balm on your skin when out and about can prevent bug bites too.


We don’t all go a wonderful tan colour in the summer months! From heat or sun exposure, some of us suffer with redness and inflammation in the summer months. Marigold has very effective anti-inflammatory and decongesting properties, whilst also being a colour opposite with its bright yellow colouring, making it the perfect item to apply to your face and skin to counteract your redness so you can play it cool all summer!

The Perfect Pedicure

Did you know sand is a great exfoliant? Make the most of your surroundings this summer. After a day spent strolling the beach, having absent-mindedly buffed away dead skin, apply the Marigold Balm all over your feet and sleep in cotton socks to wake up to silky smooth skin!

Wherever this summer takes you, take marigold rich body care products with you as your summer must-have! Shop all available marigold products on our website here or get in touch with any questions by Instagramming us here.

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