Breaking Ground With a 100% Waste Free Lip Balm

Breaking Ground With a 100% Waste Free Lip Balm

No make-up collection or handbag is complete without a lip balm. If there is one product we’ll all use religiously, daily and throughout every season, it’s a lip balm! You might be astonished to learn, then, that the average person will buy multiple lip balms a year. The lip balm market is projected to be worth 1 billion dollars by 2023. Are you thinking what we’re thinking? That’s a lot of plastic tubes going into landfill.

The Problems with The Average Lip Balm

Any cosmetologist or anyone with a grasp on the main ingredients can confirm that most lip balms actually do not moisturise the lips, they use wax or, worse, petrolatum, as a barrier to seal moisture in, which might otherwise evaporate. Another problem with common lip balm ingredients such as menthol, phenol and salicylic acid is their harmful attributes when consumed. The third and, quite literally, the biggest problem with the most popular lip balms on today’s market is what they’re made of, not just on the inside, but on the outside! We’re talking plastic!

Plastic tubes, plastic pots, plastic tubs. The lip balm industry thrives on plastic. And, whilst technically nearly all types of plastic can be recycled, statistics show that around 75% of consumer plastic usually goes to landfill and can take over 500 years to decay.

That’s Why Our Marigold Lip Balm is 100% Waste Free

From our careful and sustainable approach to collecting natural ingredients, to our reusable tools used to process them, right down to the packaging, our marigold lip balm is waste free and 100% compostable.

This luscious lip balm is encased in a sustainably sourced, post-consumer wastepaper tube and is 100% biodegradable. We don’t need to use any chemical nasties to make our lip balm last forever because all our body-care is packed with fresh, natural ingredients that are best used fresh!

Breaking Ground

Lots of companies in today’s consumer-aware climate are green-washing their products, convincing the consumer that they’re sustainable and climate conscious but sometimes it’s just talk and sneaky labels. In our compost watch, we bare all! Along with the packaging of our other products, we have put our packaging to the test and photographed its progress in our compost. Everything, from our paper bags to clear wrap and tape has been absorbed into the earth within four months, including our lip balm tube!

Giving Back to Mother Nature

Not only are our lip balms intensely nourishing to us, but the paper tubes are nourishing to the planet too, packed with nutrients to help fertilise the soil – perfect for giving it that extra treat for top notch soil!

Find out more about the rest of our eco-friendly packaging here or our incredible marigold lip balm here.

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