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Marigold balm in its paper packet

Orsú skincare products are handmade and designed for the everyday  nourishment and cleansing of all skin types.  The product packaging is 100% compostable paper and recycled glass.

Both the product formulations and the packaging development come from a natural sciences and environmental science background, and the firm decision not to add any plastic to the planet.

We use just few organic and sustainably sourced ingredients, known for millennia for their skin soothing and protective actions.  All the Orsú products contain marigold, Calendula officinalis, oil.  The oil is macerated for two months, during which the organic marigold flowers release their properties into the organic sunflower oil.

Orsú promotes body and soul nourishment through body care practices, and it regards beauty uniquely as the result of health and self-acceptance, at any age.  The products are designed for gentle daily skin care routine, for supporting conditioned skin healing, and to be accessible to any pocket. Safety come first, so Orsú products have Cosmetic Product Safety Reports (certifications) as required by the European Regulation 1223/2009, and they fully comply with this law and its following amendments.

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