How to Prepare Your Skin for Colder Months

How to Prepare Your Skin for Colder Months

September is well and truly here which means autumn and winter are fast approaching! We’ve been soaking in the last promises of summer here in London but there is definitely a chill in the air – and that’s our cue to prepare our skin!

What Does Colder Weather do to Your Skin?

There are many reasons why our skincare and body care routines need to change with the seasons. Each season brings with it different challenges. In summer, for example, we are much more conscious of protecting our skin from sunburn and the chlorine found in villas and swimming pools.

In winter, colder air tightens the skin’s pores and reduces blood circulation which, in turn, can reduce the naturally occurring oils in our skin. These natural oils are vital for good skin health as they trap moisture in the skin and act as a protective layer.

Another challenge for our skin in the winter is our central heating. As the evenings get colder and we heat our homes, it can drastically dry out the air quality in our homes and therefore dry out our skin. Though it might seem counterintuitive, it’s actually important that we remember to open our windows every so often in the winter months as well as summer so that we can reduce indoor air pollution and increase moisture in the air. Humidifiers are also a great idea to replenish the air and your skin.

How to Prepare and Maintain Good Skin in Colder Months

There are a few easy changes everyone can make to better prepare and nourish skin during the colder months. Firstly, the winter calls for a softer approach to skin, especially cleansing. If you were using a heavy-duty cleanser during the summer to thoroughly cleanse and clarify sweat, make up and sunscreen from your skin, you’ll want to change it before it contributes to dry and sensitive skin in the winter. Oil cleansing has become increasingly popular among the beauty and skincare community for being effective but kind to skin. Our Marigold Oil is great for make up removal and skin cleansing, especially as it is naturally anti-bacterial, keeping blemishes at bay.

It is also important to exfoliate during winter months. Most of us are brilliant at treating our skin right during summer when it’s on show but neglect it and hide it away under many layers during the winter months. Instead, we advise using gentle natural loofahs to exfoliate the body, buffing off dry skin to reveal new, healthy skin underneath, and then treating this new skin after showering and exfoliating, with a high quality and natural body balm. As most of us have more sensitive skin in winter, it’s wise to use natural ingredients that are both nourishing to skin and maintain a protective barrier. Our Marigold Balm is an essential for this!

It’s also crucial to protect your lips! Most of our bodies will be bundled away during the really cold weather but our lips are open to the elements. Every few days, we recommend using a natural sugar scrub to exfoliate the lips and then keep them replenished with moisture and protected with daily use of lip balm. Our Marigold Lip Balm is 100% natural and 100% plastic free, not to mention 100% compostable! Check out its disappearing act here!

We have a soft spot for colder weather – it’s a great excuse to spend more time inside, prepare the home with cosy candles, soft blankets, hot baths, relaxing steams and, of course, lots and lots of skincare goodies!

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