How to Turn Your Favourite ORSÚ Products into Make Up

How to Turn Your Favourite ORSÚ Products into Make Up

There are many options for make-up, but the current cosmetics industry finds itself packed with potentially harmful substances for sensitive skin, mostly for preservation and texturing purposes. ORSÚ products are instead specifically made with just butters and oils so they do not need preservatives and texture chemicals.

Committing to the latest make up trends and cosmetics, with each brand bringing out new lines with the season, can contribute a great amount of waste to landfill, especially as the packaging is largely plastic and plastic wrapping. So, how can you find make up that’s 100% zero waste and good for the environment? At ORSÚ we are always seeking out solutions, so here’s how to turn your favourite waste-free ORSÚ products into your everyday make up pieces.


Turn the ORSÚ Marigold Lip Balm into a lipstick using only natural ingredients. Gently mix a bit of the balm with beetroot powder, which is usually found in most herb supermarkets. The more beetroot powder you use, the deeper the pigmentation and darker the colour – so have fun finding your perfect shade!


Our Marigold Body Balm can easily be used as a blusher! Simply apply the body balm to your cheeks or areas you wish to add blush and then add a touch of cocoa powder on top. It creates the perfect blush and is completely natural!


Extend your eyeline and create fun flicks and shapes naturally and with no waste with this home-made eyeliner! Mix a drop of Marigold Oil with Kohl powder and, once well-mixed, use a fine brush to apply the mixture as eyeliner.

Eye Shadow

Give your eyes a pop of colour with homemade all-natural eyeshadow. Simply mix lapis lazuli powder with the Marigold oil – the more powder you add, the deeper the colour will be. Then you can sweep this across your lids as normal.

Making your own make up is really fun – a great activity to share with family and friends, and, should you use products that are zero waste, you’ll be doing your bit to help the planet! Find out more about our products here or see their biodegrading journey here.

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