Preserving your energy and your beauty in a modern world

It can be hard to build and maintain complete self-confidence and self-love in a world full of advertising and easy fillers and modifications that tell us we need to change. So much of the beauty and body care industry relies upon and thrives off people developing negative thoughts about themselves and then wanting to purchase something that claims to change that. At ORSÚ, we want to change that dynamic. We’re creating skincare and body care that actually cares – both for you and the Earth because nature is beautiful. We want to celebrate you, not change you! We want people to make sure they are prioritising their energy and their beauty in a modern world.

The problem

We know that lots of people are working hard at being the best selves they can be. Both men and women today feel a pressure to have to be switched on at all times, with work following them home on their emails and phones. It has been especially interesting to assess people’s work-life balance during this pandemic whilst people have been remote working. It’s important to preserve your energy and set boundaries so that you can protect your peace, your sanctuary and your quiet time.

Preserving your energy

We know that people are actually more productive and creative when they are at their best, which is why many of the leading CEOs even have made it a priority to manage people’s energy rather than time. There are many ways you can make positive changes to your lifestyle to ensure that you are preserving your energy.Count your working hours to ensure you don’t do more work than you’re meant to

schedule in activities either for yourself or socially for just after you’re meant to finish work

place limits on screen time to ensure you are making the most of your free time

prioritise sleep by leaving yourself enough time and by blocking notifications and interruptions

replenish your energy every afternoon or evening by investing in yourself – do the things you’ve been meaning to and see how much happier you are for it

Preserving your beauty

The truth is that you don’t need any modifications or to overcomplicate things when it comes to your beauty – our campaign is about caring for what we do have not dwelling on what we want to change, and on truly giving yourself what you need. Care for your skin and body by taking the time to cleanse skin gently to preserve your skin microbiota, nourish skin properly with natural healing ingredients and protect it with an adequate barrier.

All ORSÚ products are gentle and kind to you and to the planet, using sustainably sourced organic ingredients, expertly blended for maximum potential and conveniently wrapped in 100% no waste packaging thanks to reusable bottles and clever, 100% biodegradable wraps.

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