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Marigold oil supports the healing process of a variety of skin issues in the whole body: dermatitis, eczema, burns, irritations, cuts, bites and ulcers. This is due to its cell stimulating property combined with its antibacterial and antifungal properties.

  • soothing any skin damage
  • potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant
  • sunburn and insect bite reliever
  • skin cell repairing stimulant

What is the purpose of Marigold oil?

Marigold Oil is handmade and supports the healing process of a variety of skin issues, promoting cell growth to repair the skin quickly and scar-free.

What makes this product different from other marigold oil?

Orsu oil is handmade, and it meticulously looks after all the production phases.  Its extraction method is the same used for millennia, and it naturally assists the transfer of marigold properties from the flowers to the oil.

Where can Marigold Oil be used?

Marigold oil can be applied to the all body and scalp, on any kind of skin issues, such as small cuts and burns, redness, acne scratches, abrasions, blotches, and as many time as desired.  For skin damages, due to eczema and dermatitis, multiple applications over a few days may be required.  Marigold oil can be used also as a general moisturiser on healthy skin, and it is an ideal first aid remedy for its antiseptic characteristic.  Find out more about the oil uses in the Marigold Blog, such as how to use it to make your own make-up!

Marigold Oil can also be used for

Combined with a few drops of rose essential oil this oil can be used to treat broken capillaries and stretch marks.  Mixed with cypress essential oil the marigold oil can treat varicose veins and hemorrhoids, and also be used as a massage oil mix for reducing water retention.  Marigold oil is also an excellent emollient and re-fresher to use after waxing and shaving or to relieve itches such as those caused by insect bites.  Marigold oil is the main ingredient of Orsú Marigold Balm, Bath Balls, and Lip Balm.

Who might use this product?

It is for everybody, men, women, children and babies.  For anybody experiencing skin conditions, and for everybody needing a simple and gentle moisturiser that nourishes and softens the skin without adding potentially toxic substances.  It is for people who travel and need a simple but rich nutrient to protect their skin from the poor plane air quality and typical dehydration, and to look fresh at the arrival.  It is for mums for relieving their and their babies skin irritations, and for donating their dads a supple demeanor.

Additional information

Marigold oil can be applied multiple times per day, everyday for long periods, and on any skin type,  with a gentle massage until the oil is fully absorbed. 

Did you know? / Interesting product facts

Marigold, Calendula officinalis, is an edible flower used in medicaments for millennia and mentioned by poets and in medical texts such as Vigil, Plinius the Old and Floro Macro in the De viribus herbarum, praising aesthetics and curative aspects of the plant.

The flowers can be added fresh in salads, in soups and other recipes.  The flowers taken internally, either in food preparations or tisanes, are especially good as detox, menstrual regulation and for digestive disorders.

Marigold and saffron risotto

Ingredients for 2 (possibly organic): 1 medium onion, 160g Carnaroli or Arborio rice, 1/2 tsp saffron, 1 tbsp marigold petals, 20g grated parmesan, 20g unsalted butter, 500ml vegetable broth (possibly homemade with garlic, carrot, celery and rosemary), 1/2 glass dry white wine, salt and pepper.

Preparation: in a heavy-based saucepan cook the onion in 2 tbsp of extra-virgin olive oil over medium heat until it’s soft and fragrant.  Stir in the rice and salt and cook it over medium heat for about 1 minute. Add the wine on high heat and stir until it is completely evaporated.  Then add the broth in quantities that just cover the rice, keep stirring on lower heat and repeat until the rice is al dente and the broth fully absorbed.  Add the saffron and marigold and stir the simmering mix for 1 minute.  Remove from the cooker, add parmesan and butter and stir well for another minute.  Serve with black pepper on top.

History of Orsú Marigold Oil

Marigold oil was born from the passion for simple and nutritious skin care products and from the love, knowledge, and respect for nature.  The oil is the base for the other Orsú products, and it aims to be the key ingredient of new products which are soon to be formulated.

Handmade skin nutrients, made with organic ingredients, in 100% compostable packaging.

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 cm


Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil* (sunflower oil)

Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract* (marigold flowers)

* organic


Marigold oil fully complies with the REGULATION (EC) No 1223/2009 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL, and all the following amendments up to the amendment dated 26 November 2018.  This product has also Cosmetic Product Safety Reports, as required by Regulation 1223/2009, provided by a certified lab.  The oil was designed in London and it is sold in a 30ml 100% amber colour recyclable bottle with pipette.

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6 Reviews For This Product

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    by Eva

    This oil really rescued my face after a skiing holiday! I looked so scary…  My skin was completely burnt and felt on fire but the marigold oil repaired it perfectly and quickly, giving me instant relief.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    by Sara

    I have been using this marigold oil for over a year and it has especially helped me healing my stress-related eczema on my hands and arms, and also to relieve itchiness and dryness around my intimate areas.  I only need a few applications for a couple of days, it really works well.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    by Emanuela

    I used this oil several times to heal ironing burns and both the marks and burning feeling were gone in just one day.  I also use it on my dog skin.  I always keep a small bottle in my bag.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    by Dalal

    I have to say I was surprised how fast my skin absorbed it and how the appearance of my dried skin changed to a soft, moisturised not greasy skin, I then tried it on my face, recently heavily burnt by pigmentation treatments, and I did not experience any burning feeling when I applied it which was really great!

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    by Marta

    I am blown away by how good this product is. I often get very dry lips with cracking on the corners which is very hard to get rid of. I have applied the oil for 4 days and the crack was gone. I have also applied on various acne spots and it completely cleared them. Highly recommended!

    • by Elisa Cane

      Thank you Marta, it is impressive how just 2 organically grown plants, marigold and sunflower, can repair and improve the skin! We often do not need much more ingredients in skincare.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    by Marta

    I absolutely love this oil. I often have very dry lips with a painful crack around the mouth. I’ve applied the oil for 3 days and the crack was completely gone! I also use it as a natural make up remover, and since using it it cleared my acne spots completely. Super recommended!

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