Three reasons Orsú is going local

Three Reasons Orsú is Going Local

As most of you know, we have moved Orsú overseas. Earlier this year, we moved from busy London to gorgeous Ibiza where we have been making a home ever since. This year has been a big year for everyone, whether you have moved abroad or not. The impact of COVID slowing down our lives has given us plenty of time to think about how we might like to re-enter the market next year. During this time, we have made the decision to keep Orsú local in 2021.

The Importance of Local Community

There’s nothing quite like a pandemic to show us the true importance of local community! It’s key to be able to lean on your immediate connections and be able to provide what you can for them and get what you need from them. That’s why we’ve been taking time to speak to the local botanists and eco-friendly stores that share our values.

The Impact of Travel on The Environment

Another key element of our decision to keep Orsù local is to limit our travel emissions and make sure our impact on the planet is a good one. We work very hard to ensure the ingredients in our skincare and body care products are locally and sustainably sourced, and that they are packaged in re-useable and biodegradable materials. It naturally follows that we consider where we send our products and how they are distributed to ensure we don’t spoil our good efforts at the last leg of their journey!

Slowing Down

Health and burnout have been big topics during the COVID pandemic, and we all know how sometimes work, no matter how passionate you are, can wear you down. Moving abroad and experiencing a different, slower culture can be incredibly good for you! In limiting our reach, we feel we’ll be able to slow down and serve our local community (and the planet) better.

Don’t fear if you’re not in Spain! We’ll be shipping abroad until the end of the year – so there’s still time to stock up on your favourites in the meantime! We hope that you understand our decision and that you continue to support us. We highly recommend a getaway in beautiful Ibiza and are happy to direct you to where you can see and feel and shop Orsú in person when you arrive here!

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