Knowing and protecting your skin microbiome

Knowing and protecting your skin microbiome

There’s a lot going on with our skin and anyone who has suffered any sort of skin issue from acne to eczema to just sore dry skin, can tell you that it takes a lot of research to discover how to properly care for one’s skin. At Orsú we believe that information on good skincare and body care practice should be readily available and accessible to all. We have helped many people with long-term skin complaints find relief and improvement in our products because their development is based on in-depth research into skin microbiome and plant properties. Today, we share that knowledge with you!

Skin is your body’s largest organ and, popped under a microscope, you can see that its covered in a great range of microorganisms that live safely on the skin, most of which are harmless and play a vital role in the upkeep of your skin. These skin microbiome help educate your immune system and T cells in your skin to tell them how to respond to your environment.

The Ecosystem

It helps to think of your skin as an ecosystem with living biological and physical components. The host and the microorganisms work together and disruptions in the balance on either side can result in skin disorders, skin infections or skin complaints. Have you ever wondered why babies always seem to suffer with skin issues in the first few years of life? Inside the body is sterile for the baby but it is immediately exposed to bacteria when it’s outside of the body and colonisation of microorganisms occur immediately after birth and are critical to maturing baby’s immune system in the first few years of life. Later in life, during puberty, sebum production, hormones and culture-based factors affect microbial differences between people, bringing about acne and other skin changes.

What They go Through, you go Through

It should come to no surprise then that cosmetics, soaps and anything you put on your skin will affect the variation of skin microbiota, alter the conditions of the skin barrier and can interrupt the balance. Weather also affects the skin microbiota. High temperature and high humidity are associated with an increase of bacteria on the back, armpits and feet when compared with low temperature and low humidity. We also know that UV light has been a beneficial skin treatment of many skin conditions so we can assume that people in sunnier climates will have vast differences in skin microbiome than those in less sunny climates.

Molecular Analysis

There seem to be four dominant types of microbiota including Actinobacterio, Firmicutes, Bacterioidetes and Proteobacteria. They are also found in inner mucosal surfaces such as the gastrointestinal tract and oral cavities although in differing quantities. The varying amount of these can benefit or disadvantage people when it comes to skin disorders.

Your Skin Microbiome Protects You

Your skin microbiome protects you in numerous ways. Firstly, they act as a physical barrier, but they also provide an immunological barrier and are vital in healing wounds and preventing infection. Keratinocytes continuously sample the microbiota and command the relevant immune response. Despite being exposed to a large number of microorganisms, the skin is able to determine between harmless microorganisms and harmful pathogenic microorganisms. It’s estimated that the immune system becomes desensitised to certain bacteria they see a lot of but investigates anything new. Dysregulation of the skin immune system is the cause of many skin disorders such as psoriasis, dermatitis or eczema. Restoring the balance (along with relieving the symptoms) is the main goal of treatment.

Protect Your Microbiome

The worst thing you can do for your skin is use aggressive substances and harsh soaps and fragrances that disrupt your skins natural and healthy microorganisms as this can lead to irritation and skin disorders. But of course, you can’t just leave your skin or body be, as it needs to be cleansed, nourished and protected. That’s why we have been developing body and skincare that is free of potentially harmful ingredients and rich in organic and natural ingredients with skin-loving properties such as healing, anti-bacterial and soothing properties. With Orsú skin products you can protect and preserve your natural beauty without interrupting or complicating your skin barrier and risking irregularities.

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