The Beauty, Elegance and Importance of Slowing Down

The Beauty, Elegance and Importance of Slowing Down

With lives moving at a faster pace than ever, and the advances of technology ensuring that more is expected of us than ever before, it can be difficult to take things slow. That being said, studies are showing a record number of people suffering from stress and mental health issues at an all-time high. It has never been more important or more necessary to learn to slow down.

An Experiment

As you read this, we want to remind you to unclench your jaw, relax your shoulders, rotate them and place them lowered in a relaxed position, and take two long and deep breaths. With so many of our jobs being more mentally demanding than physical, we often tense our body without even realising it, which only goes further to demonstrate that relaxing will take some conscious effort.

The Call to Relax

You’ll notice, when you are stressed or preparing for a deadline, that you move quickly. Whether it’s making a coffee, completing tasks, walking or event talking. In the same way that smiling can actually trigger happiness, proactively slowing down can encourage relaxed responses from the body.

Introducing Slow Living

‘Slow living’ has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, especially because of the commonness of stress. People have noticed how much more natural it is to live this way. Before we had watches and universal time, people had to rely on their senses and the weather to go about their day. Before we had email and mobile phones, people were reached with snail mail, giving them longer to think, to live and to respond more carefully.

The Elegance in Slow Living

Doing things slowly is beautiful. Notice how much more elegant we perceive people when they move slowly. Notice how rewarding it is to wait for something. Acknowledge how much more we enjoy something without time constraint. See how much more we like and appreciate people when we have the time to let people express themselves. When we feel we have time on our hands, we are kinder and more considerate. When we stop the daily working lives and let slowness win, when we’re on summer holiday, we all notice and appreciate the naturally slower rhythm of life.

Take Slowness Home with You

Whether you have enjoyed a summer adventure away or spent a couple of days at a spa, take home the elegance of slowness and apply it to your own daily life. Learn to take care of yourself before taking care of anything else. How much better do you feel on the days where you feel good, smell good and have taken care of yourself? You cannot simply give from an empty pot – life is about balance.

A Piece of Calm

At ORSÚ, we want to help you achieve this slice of peace and calmness at your core. Whilst most products are designed to be quick and convenient, ‘pop the plastic lid open’ and ‘squirt the product there’, our 100% environmentally-friendly packaging is people-friendly too. Find time, each and every day, to slowly unwrap the Marigold Balm, with its satisfying crackles and crinkles. Slow down your breathing and inhale the soothing and calming scents as they are released. Gently buff away the daily grime and cleanse with a warm flannel or apply to dry skin to replenish and protect. Reseal by twisting the paper to a pineapple-like flourish or store in a reusable jar for freshness.

Protect your daily moment of peace, calm and clarity. Tell us your thoughts about slow living on Instagram here or shop for your favourite skin-enriching goodies online here.

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