What Role do Shops Have in Creating a More Sustainable Future?

What Role do Shops Have in Creating a More Sustainable Future?

2019 has been a big year for the climate change revolution. The message has been undeniably spread farther, louder and faster than ever before and we couldn’t be more excited to see people, individuals and groups, change their daily habits and purchases to reflect their commitment to the planet. 2019 has also been the year that the message was heard – not just by individuals but by brands and companies too. It’s got us thinking of climate responsibility – what role do shops have in creating a more sustainable future?

The Individual Vs the Collective

Whilst it’s good for every individual to make changes, it is undeniable that business and companies, especially global brands and manufacturers can make the biggest difference with the smallest changes. Just on sheer mass of a company’s people, the smallest changes go a long way. For example, DuPont committed to a 65% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions between 2010 and 2020 but by 2007 were already nearly at their target and had even saved $2.2bn a year through energy efficiency, proving that unsustainable processes at the excuse of convenience is not convenient financially. They also proved what a few years of changes can do for environmental impact.

The Individual Forcing the Collective

Lots of brands have been making changes in recent years as a direct result of customer opinion. When you challenge a company enough, through public campaigns and petitions or striking and not buying their product, they have to adapt for fear of falling apart. For example, home favourite brands such as Nestle were victim to this. Guinness World Records certified KitKat as the world’s most global brand in 2010 for selling in more countries than any other year but that same year, Greenpeace released a video exposing the company for its palm oil use and revealed the mass destruction of rainforests and wildlife habitats behind the brand. As sales plummeted and PR solutions failed, Nestle gave up the public image fight to make actual changes as per Greenpeace’s demands just 8 weeks later.

The Role Shops Have in Creating a More Sustainable Future

Most consumers are now conscious consumers, whether they set out to be or not, but it is often convenience that trumps sustainability when shopping. Therefore, it is shops that can make the difference here, with the brands and products they stock and their policies on packaging. When shops police what comes into store, they are not only delivering that brand’s message to customers but are also contributing to standardisation of the industry, which is the biggest power of all!

We wanted to highlight two shops close to our heart that are doing just that! Health Matters shop in East Dulwich are providing the local neighbourhood with a more convenient way to access more sustainable products. Well done to Rob, Monica, Dawn and Petra! The Village Greens in Prestwich, Manchester are also providing all you need from your supermarket without all the packaging!

Where do you Start?

If you are a shop owner or manager looking to bring more sustainable brands into your store, it can be tricky knowing where to start, but because we want to deliver the message that sustainability and reduced waste can be liveable and convenient, we’re here to help! The world of zero packaging companies is small so we’re all one friendly community! If you’d like to stock ORSÚ products in your store, and want to be connected with other sustainable companies, get in touch today by emailing us here!

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